small group
Small Groups 

During mid week, we meet in small adult groups. Small Groups exist so we can care for one another and evangelism can be outworked. In fact, many of the churches functions are carried out in our small groups. Our small groups are the building blocks of the church.

Why do we do small groups? 


(based upon PJ Smyth's book "The world needs more small group leaders")

1. Small groups are the biblical model of discipleship & extending God's Kingdom

  • The biblical model of discipleship, almost from cover to cover, is a combination of small groups and large groups working together (see Exodus 18 v 17-27)

2. Small groups don't just save people, but they also add people

  • People get added to the Church when they get involved with meaningful friendship and a meaningful sense of mission
3. Small groups create a context for great commitment
  • 1 Peter 2 v 5 says everyone should be a "living stone" and it is an environment where we live out the Priest of all Believers (1 Peter 2 v 9-10)

4. Small groups create a context for the great commandment

  • Small groups break down the crowd down into reasonably sized groups who can form genuine deep relationships
5. Small groups create a context for the great commission
  • God's plan is for a church to grow by "making disciples"; as numbers increase, small groups ensure that the quality of teaching, care and discipleship does not diminish.
6. Small groups enable us to obey the command to shepherd the flock of God
  • Small groups are shepherding tools that help in knowing and caring
7. Small groups are where we can "equip the saints to do....."
  • Our job is to equip the saints to do....(Eph 4 v 12)
8. Small groups provide a forum to apply scripture
  • James 1 v 22-23 speaks of being doers and not just hearers. We have opportunity to apply the Bible in real life
9. Small groups catalyse leadership training
  • It is an environment where those called into leadership can exercise their responsibilities

10. Small groups make church-life simple

  • 85% of evangelism and discipleship can happen simply via excellent Sunday meetings and mid-week Small Groups
Where do small groups meet?

We meet regularly in homes across Weymouth & Portland.  We have 4 small groups meeting on Wednesday in the following areas:

  • Wyke Regis
  • Radipole
  • Southill 
  • Portland
What happens in our small group meetings? 

A mixture of the following!!

Welcome: to enjoy fellowship together
Worship: to make the time together Christ-centred
Word : to discuss the bible and apply it to our lives and minister to one another
Witness: to affect our community through prayer and action