Who's Who


IMG4287Mick Richardson -  Elder

Mick and his wife Theresa joined the church in April 2007, although they had been frequent visitors before that time during many holidays to the area. They have two grown up sons; one is married and lives in Croydon, the other lives in London. Mick was appointed as an elder in January 2010 although he had previously been an elder in the Putney Newfrontiers church where they lived before moving to  Weymouth. Mick has been leading the church since 2016.

Mick is a maths teacher and currently teaches part-time on an online service provided by Dorset County Council for young people who are unable to educated in mainstream school or another educational establishment.

Mick enjoys worship music, cycling and sailing , and together with Theresa, they enjoy entertaining their friends. 

Leadership Support Team

Mick is supported in his leadership by his wife Theresa, Elaine Tovell, Andrew Knowles,  Rachel Knowles, Dave Turnbull and Karen Turnbull.