We believe that our worship is not just carried out on a Sunday morning or in our small groups - but in view of all that God has done for us, in sending Jesus to die on the cross in our place, our day-to-day lives are our spiritual acts of worship to God. (see Romans 12 v 1-2)


Worship on Sundays is of an informal nature, where we sing songs of worship, read Scripture and pray to God - collectively and individually. We worship God for who He is and express thanks for all He's done. It's spontaneous and no two weeks are ever the same!


Anyone who loves Jesus personally is welcome to participate in the meeting. As in Paul's letter (see 1 Corinthians 14), we ask God to give us spiritual gifts during our meetings, to help build & edify His church and give Holy Spirit direction to our meetings.


There will also be teaching from the Bible, which will be applicable to our modern lives. We believe that God will speak to us as His Word is preached. Previous sermons are available for listening or downloading.

Our Sunday meetings start at 10:30am and are located in our new home at :


Bethany Hall (next door to Wilkinsons),
Westham Road,